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Web Site Checklist -
Are You Ready to Own a Web Site?

It is so easy now to set a presence on the Web. However there are issues to consider prior to making a decision of owning a web site.

Domain name registration

Who should you register your domain with? Cheap as usual is not the best. You are looking not just for a once-off registration but for convenience of maintenance also. Some companies allows to change details (address, DNS etc) only via email. It takes about 2 days to actually implement the changes.

Another issue will be the renewal costs. Prepare to be surprised how different prices will be in comparison with initial registration.

Web Hosting Service

Prepare to learn the jargon, technicalities, tools etc. Most important issues are uploading, ftp, web statistics. Nothing to be scared of - just patience is recommended. It is not too complex but takes some time for newbies.

Web Design

Exciting stuff - everyone loves it! Fire up your famous word processor or HTML editor, type in some text and there you are. Or better hire a professional Web designers to build up your 5-10 page web site. Both options usually have some caveats.

Be aware that the main reason of your having a web site is the interest of your visitors - not yours. Visitors do like nice web sites, however they like more "light" sites. Pages should load fast even on dial up connection. If you use or allow usage of big, heavy pictures you will be losing visitors who do not have a patience to wait for the beauty to appear.

To get your web site known you will need to optimise it for search engines. That means to create appropriate titles for your pages, utilise META tags, stylesheets, structure the content properly, create cross links and ... check if those changes left your HTML valid.

You can do it yourself, but if you intend to run a business web site we recommend to use professional service. Not just because it is tax deductible but because the SEO process is on-going and needs special expertise. You will save money and get much better result by hiring the SEO specialist.

Be also aware of the security and SPAM issues. It is not advisable to provide any email addresses at your web site. They will be picked up by "black marketers" with a use of special email harvesting software and you will start receiving tons of SPAM regularly. To provide the communication method just add a contact form to your site.

We hope you are not scared now and wish you the wonderful experience with your new Web site.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our Internet marketing company to get professional help.

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