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Search Engine Optimisation Rating (SEOR) -
The Methodology for Search Engine Optimisation

Our Web Site Promotion Service is based on Search Engine Optimisation Rating (SEOR). It is the methodology for Search Engine Optimisation. SEOR allows to:

Search Engine Optimisation Rating (SEOR) -
The Criteria

The whole list of SEOR criteria, which is the intellectual property of Infopulse Pty Ltd and contains more than 50 items. The criteria have different weight based on their importance. We should mention only some of them.

Search Engine Optimisation Rating (SEOR) -
The Score

Applying the SEOR methodology to a web site, our search engine marketing firm issues the objective score. Then SEOR is applied to the web site in the desired position of the search engines results. The comparison of the scores immediately indicates:

Search Engine Optimisation Rating (SEOR) -
The Outcomes

The major outcomes of SEOR are:

Search Engine Optimisation Rating (SEOR) -
The Advantage

From the SEO specialists point, SEOR methodology transforms SEO work from magic to a predictable, easy to plan and accountable discipline.

For SEO clients, SEOR methodology allows to cuts down expenses on over-optimisation.

In combination with our SEO Explorer and SEO Express software, SEOR has become a solid foundation for successful optimisation for search engines.

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