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Search Engine Optimisation (Australia)
for Good Search Engine Positioning

Search Engine Optimisation: What is it?

Search engines are very smart Internet services. They help users to find web sites, documents, images and other information on the Internet. The number of existing web sites is incredible and only limited number of places exists on the first pages of search results.

Search engines use their own criteria to determine which pages are more relevant to particular search terms. Hopefully major search engines have published recommendations on good and bad technique of search engine optimisation.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a technique of adjusting the web content, structure and layouts in order to achieve better search engine positioning. Search engine optimisation has to be the first issue in the Internet marketing of the web site.

Search Engine Optimisation: the Key Elements

Search Engine Optimisation: the Show Stoppers

Search engines punish web pages that use technique like:

Search Engine Optimisation and Human Factor

Search engine optimisation targets search engine positioning. However it shouldn't spoil the web visitor's experience.

In our web site marketing practice we consider web pages good if they

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