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Web Site Promotion

Why do you need to promote your site?

You have already spent money and got everything right - reliable hosting service, attractive domain name and professionally designed web site. Visitors will rush to see what you offer!

Wrong! The Internet is too big, the competition is too tough and the only way to get your web site to work is to become known, respected and even ... loved. In other words it is time to take care of marketing in the Internet environment.

How to promote a web site?

There are many ways to promote your site. Let's talk about most important ones.

Search engine optimisation and submission

has to be the first step of your marketing plan. Being an Internet user you know well that search engines are modern "windows to the world".

Your visitors learn about you from search engines.

Our Internet marketing company recommends to concentrate your efforts on Google, Yahoo and MSN because they are used by a lion's share of web surfers. Please be aware that opportunities for free submissions gradually shrink.

We do not recommend the use of any automated submission because of its known side effects. In our view it is wise to go with DIY or submission by professional service.

Online directories allow you to be included in searches by categories. When submitting your site to directories make sure you choose the most appropriate classification. Most good directories are not free anymore. Prepare to pay AU$40-400 per annual inclusion.

Link exchange is an ongoing barter process. You place someone's link on your page to get your link on someone's else page. Benefits of links exchange are:

When exchanging links tend to use appropriate sites of good quality, with higher ranking. Linking with non-related web pages is useless and often penalised by search engines.

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