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Basic Web Site - Online Brochure

Basic web site is an affordable online version of your business card and online brochure. Typically such a web site will contain 5-7 pages that describe briefly your business, services and products.

Basic web site is professionally designed but graphics would not be stunning. Of course this can be "upgraded" if budget allows.

Basic Web Site:
Home page, Products, Services, Contact, About

Page "Home" is the most important page of any web site. It makes a first contact with visitors. That is why it should be smart: not boring, not lengthy but up to the point. Typically it will describe your industry, your market etc.

Products or/and Services pages are dedicated to what you are selling. Such pages contain images, specifications, descriptions, etc.

Basic web sites do not have provision to sell your products or services online.

Contact page display your contact details: telephone, fax, address. It also recommended to provide a simple online form.

It is not recommended to provide your email address. That is because it will be "harvested" sooner or later and you will be receiving SPAM.

Page "About" is dedicated to the history of your business, its owners, staff, special policy etc.

Basic web site is your most affordable option of establishment of Internet presence.

Basic Web Site - Your Benefits

Your benefits are:

Basic Web Site - What Type of Business

Basic web site is good for businesses that do not expect to get new clients via Internet.

Typical examples are: local butcher, small legal and accounting firms, etc.

Indication of costs of basic web site: $500+, annual maintenance $450+

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