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Internet marketing - Clients Perspective

Internet marketing has not become as yet a natural activity of small business such as printing of business cards or letterheads. Many business do not see the Internet marketing service as an essential component of their success. However marketing of the products and services via Internet is recognised now as the most cost effective method of marketing for many industries and types of businesses.

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Internet Marketing Service - The problem of Internet marketing in Melbourne, Australia

When Internet marketing service is performed correctly it brings more clients and sales per dollar spent than any traditional "off line" method of marketing.

Many business web sites represent the brand, products and services. Such web sites in fact are the online brochures.

Typically they are hard to find on the Internet, there is no clear and convincing way for the visitors to buy a product or just request the information. Such a passive (read missing!) Internet marketing service adds to the businesses skepticism about future web site development. That is how and why businesses ignores potential clients and sales.

Would you like to learn more about our Internet marketing service?

Historically Internet marketing service is not included or is not clearly defined in the web site specifications. Usually when businesses deal with web firms they discuss price, look and content. Have you ever discussed the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of your web site? Internet marketing service is performed only by a handful of web firms - at least here in Australia, Melbourne.

Even beautifully designed web site will not be able to contribute to YOUR sales unless it utilises some Internet marketing strategy, policy and technique.

Internet Marketing Service - The marketing solution in Melbourne, Australia

For new businesses or web sites it is absolutely essential to acquire a professional Internet marketing service. Initial costs can be from 30% to 100% higher but a better return on investment(better ROI) can be expected in 3-6 months. Would you prefer to have a web site which would never return your investment or to have an additional sales channel working 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

Internet Marketing Service in Melbourne, Australia - Example

A Whiter Smiley is an internet front end of a dental clinic. This web site generates 10-20 referrals monthly. The investment in this web site was returned after 2 months.

Internet marketing actions for this web site has included: search engine optimisation and submission to online directories and search engines.

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