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Marketing Channel Web Site

Marketing channel web site is an addition to your sales and marketing department. It is easy to find on Internet through search engines, online directories and other web sites.

Marketing channel web site is designed and maintained to generate sales and introduce new clients for your business. Such a web site has a potential to return your investment and can pay for itself in 3-5 months.

Typically a marketing channel web site will contain 10+ pages that describe briefly your business, services, products with going into important details.

Marketing channel web site is professionally designed and contains impressive graphics.

Marketing Channel Web Site - Additional Pages

In addition to basic web pages marketing channel web site provides some free features for your targeted visitors. The nature of such freebies depends on your business but typical examples are: articles, images, software, e-books, online calculators, etc.

Marketing channel web sites do not have provision to sell your products or services online.

Marketing Channel Web Site - Your Benefits

Same as with basic online brochure web site your benefits are:

Additional benefits of marketing channel web site are:

Powerful Internet marketing strategy will be applied to promote such a web site.

Marketing Channel Web Site - What Type of Business

Marketing channel web site is good for businesses that NEED to get new clients via Internet. Suits: hardware shop, travel agency, kitchen makers, etc.
Indication of costs: 1500+, annual maintenance $500+

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