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E-Commerce Website

E-commerce web site is your Internet based front store. Such a web solution suits small business and provides the convenience for the visitors of finding a product and typically at cheaper prices.

Here is an example of a wedding stationery shop. This website offers inexpensive wedding stationery including ribbons, embellishments, giftboxes, buckles, fasteners etc.

E-commerce web solution web sites have a provision to sell your products or services online.

Typically such a web site will contain 5+ pages that describe briefly your business. E-commerce web solution web site will also have a page or pages for every product in your online store.

Such web pages will contain a picture of the product, description, price and link or button "Buy now". Your visitors will be able to pay for purchases online using credit card, PayPal or other options. These technologies are provided by secure gateway payment providers.

E-Commerce Web Solution - Web Development

To make your online store and E-commerce web solution happen there is a need to develop software which will be able to provide:

Usually it involves databases, scripting etc.

E-Commerce Web Solution - Your Benefits

Main benefits of E-commerce web solution web sites are:

E-Commerce Web Solution - Warning

Please be aware of an E-commerce web solution risk. Despite the secure payment technology some actual credit cards can be fraud ones.

E-Commerce Web Solution Web Site -
What Type of Business

E-Commerce web solution web site is good for the businesses that NEED to get new clients via Internet. Suits retailers: stationary suppliers, perfume, books, CDs, DVDs, etc.
Indication of costs: Setup: $500+, annual maintenance $2,500+

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